Welcome to Bill Webb Homes

New construction in Chico Ca

From thoughtfully designed floor plans to neighborhood streets, Bill Webb Homes has brought a close-knit community feeling to your doorstep.

Our homes provide the quality you deserve while making them affordable in today’s market. Some say buying a home is one of the biggest decisions in your life, so why not make the best decision and build new! Here at BW Homes, we strive to make the building of your home stress free and enjoyable from the ground up. We are passing on our Family Tradition by building yours.

Buying New Makes Sense

One quick glance at today’s headlines and it’s no wonder that, as concerned consumers, we’re pinching pennies more than ever as many of us plan to cut unnecessary spending this year.

Still, when it comes to buying a house, most of us prefer new. Even better, buying a new home also makes good financial sense. New homes offer countless advantages for consumers when it comes to saving money. Perhaps the biggest plus is that, since they’re brand-new, the maintenance headaches that often accompany older homes – simply don’t exist, and won’t for a while.

Bill Webb Homes uses the latest in whole-house systems, like heating and air conditioning, so they’re not likely to break down, saving consumers money. They’re also more energy-efficient with whole house fans, ample insulation and Low E Dual pane windows which can help save on your monthly energy bills. And, since mortgage interest and real estate taxes are deductible, it’s another way to save money by buying a new home when it comes to tax time.

There’s a saying that when you buy a pre-owned home, you’re buying someone else’s vision of a home, and that’s true. Even if that “vision” involved avocado green counters and white laminate floors in the kitchen. At Bill Webb Homes we offer the latest in styles and trends that allow consumers to customize their home to their liking, from elegant tile floors to designer wall colors and everything in-between.

Buying new means adding elements or making changes as your home is built – the kind of custom features that would cost far more if they were added after the fact. With a new Bill Webb Home, you’ll end up with a house that’s perfectly suited for your needs.

In the end, buying new just makes more sense: less worries about maintenance, and design choices that fit your family and lifestyle. And who doesn’t want that? Stop by our model today and see why you shouldn’t settle for anything less.