10 Notable Things About Building Your New Home With Us!

  1. Keeping it Local.

    We use all local subcontractors.  Local businesses tend to care more about their customers and their product, resulting in higher customer satisfaction and attention to detail. 

  2. Builder Pride.

    We care about our product, plain and simple. At the end of the day it’s not just a business but also a product that has our name on it.  A genuine character that leads to the right decisions and a reputation that surpasses any expectation.  Your home will be built with care, responsibility, and of course, pride. 

  3. This is YOUR Home. 

    From the front door to the shower floor, it’s all about YOU! We offer the latest in styles and color trends allowing you to customize your home to your liking.  Whether you like the classic look or bold and vibrant, we will help guide you in your selections making it a fun and exciting process. 

  4. Carefully Designed Floor Plans

    With years of experience and fine tuning you will have plenty of thoughtfully crafted plans to choose from.  See a change that could be made to meet your families needs better? Just ask, we might be able to accommodate. 

  5. Family Atmosphere.

    You are not just buying a house with Bill Webb Homes you are buying a home within a community.  Backyards big enough for parties, streets wide enough for those evening neighborhood games and the communal parks for your weekend outings.

  6. Pride of Ownership.

    Pride of ownership doesn’t just stop at your door step but extends to your neighbors and onto the entire Bill Webb Home community.  Just drive our past projects and see for yourself!  

  7. No Pressure, No Sales Pitch

    Our homes and quality speak for themselves.  Take your time researching us and our neighborhoods, ask as many questions as needed. When you are ready to build we will be here for you. 

  8. Attention to “Important” Details

    With us, you will get the best of both worlds, beauty on the outside as well as the inside.  We put special thought into all building materials and products used in the construction of your home, making it a sound and well crafted house from the ground up. Whole house fans to help with your PG&E bills, quality windows and HVAC units.

  9. Smooth and Easy!

    Some say building a home was the most stressful thing they have done.  Well, they didn’t build with us! We work hard to make this a smooth and easy process for you.  We will be communicating with you, and your lender, throughout the building process to make sure it’s the least stressful it can be.

  10. Reliable. 

    We use quality products with great warranties and will provide you with a booklet with all the important information and useful tips about your new home.  We are responsive to your questions and will make ourselves available to meet your schedule.